Scotland’s Toughest OCR / Eurpoean OCR/ OCRWC Qualifier


What's it all about...?

We are MacTuff, Scotland’s toughest obstacle course race. A test over 10 miles of challenging terrain, through mud, water and obstacles built to test your physical strength and your mental grit because we believe that true character is built through true challenge. This race is for anyone who has ever wanted to challenge themselves, it is for the thrill seekers, the renegades, the adventurers. MacTuff is for anyone looking to discover exactly what they made of.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to take on MacTuff you can sign up here for our 2018 event. Fancy tackling the course as a team? Then sign up here. As a result, we guarantee a day of fun, fear conquering obstacles, team work, and triumph.

We look forward to seeing you on the Start Line…Tartan optional, game face mandatory!

The MacTuff Team

Still not convinced?

Check out our gallery from the previous MacTuff events here. And if that still isn’t enough then read all about it here.

"A battle would be a good metaphor for the race; never has a race challenged my willpower like MacTuff. Between the harsh terrain, tricky obstacles, bitter cold and descending fog, the whole experience was brilliantly brutal"