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MacTuff Kids 1st April 2018

Girls Big Dirty Day Out 18th August 2018


The multi award winning event is the ultimate challenge of mental fitness….This Event with 3 different distances will challenge your Physical, Emotional and Mental fitness. Only the brave need apply.. there are other nice sparkly events out there for the softies who want to grab a sun tan whilst out for a run. Book Here.


The ultimate family challenge! Obstacles to challenge both adults and children in a fun, friendly environment.  This Multi award winning event will have you working alongside your child to test your teamwork, fitness, fun and of course your resilience. Its WET, MUDDY,SLIPPY and FUN. Book Here.


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MacTuff Kids 1st April 2018

MacTuff HQ, Dunfermline

Multi Award Winning Events...

TheGathering (33 of 212)-XL

Past and Future Events

We at MacTuff are a funky lot, and we like to add our personalities to our events where we can, Each year we come up with a new and innovative way to capture the imaginations of the runners. 2 years ago we had the Gathering, a night time run around our short course. This year we saw the introduction of running our short course with an item of furniture and Next year we have OCRetro… yup get the glad rags on for some 70s fun followed by an after party…

Team Building, Leadership and Resilience

We at MacTuff realise the impact our Obstacle course can have on businesses and the way people work together under testing conditions. At MacTuff HQ we thrive on this and have put in place a small course which will test the Teamwork, Problem Solving, Leadership and Reliance of any workforce. Fill out the contact sheet for booking information and other experiences you can have at MacTuff HQ.